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Spreading historicals - source/s


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I usually spread historicals manually across years - that means learning about the company / financials, but takes a long time. What source do you use to download historicals (all 3 statements) reliably? Cap IQ or BB or anything else? I want to make my research process more efficient that way.


Thank you


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For more detailed analysis I think I'm in the same boat as you. You can create nice custom screens in BBG that I find helpful for quick high level looks but I don't fully trust the summary adjusted figures and calculations. I haven't found a good solution and am also still doing things manually. Downloading and reformatting is more frustrating than pulling the figures myself. I did spend a lot of time building a template spreadsheet. It has a lot of stuff built in - returns, LTM figures, credit metrics, customizeable debt stack, etc. - and that helps a lot but it's still time intensive.


Sentieo's related table feature is helpful here. It lets you jump through time through B/S, I/S, C/F, as well as other tables like store counts, etc. This speeds up the process of jumping through documents. You can dump these to excel as well but same formatting issues apply.

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