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Special Situations Contest (with $1,000 monthly prize)


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I have launched Special Situations contest on my site with $1,000 prize every month. If you have any actionable opportunities up your sleeve you are welcome to share these.


Contest announcement and rules can be found here:



And March winners in here (April winners are currently being voted on):



To be upfront, this is a paid membership site. But my aim with this post (and my site in general) is to build community of contributors/investors interested in Special Situations rather than get new paying members. Thus, if anyone is interested to browse the full site free of charge, you are more than welcome - just sign up and then e-mail me (info@specialsituationinvestments.com) saying that you are from CoB&F and I will promptly issue a refund.




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Winners of April contest announced:


The second iteration of the monthly contest to win $1,000 is over and I am happy to announce the winners.


A total of 6 special situation write-ups have been submitted for the April contest – and all of the transactions are still pending. Majority of member votes were again split between two opportunities – Reckon business sale (shared by Hugh) and General Growth Properties merger arbitrage (shared by Michael), with former taking a slight lead. Congratulations to both!


As during the last month price pool will be split $600 and $400 between the two. I will contact authors to arrange the payments.


May month contest to win $1,000 is now on, and we already have 4 submissions. So please share any interesting special situation trades you have up your sleeve.


April Winners:


<a href="https://www.specialsituationinvestments.com/2018/04/reckon-rkn-ax-business-sale-40-upside/">Reckon (RKN.AX) – Business Sale – 40% upside</a>


Business division is to be sold for a price equivalent to current enterprise value meaning that investors would be receiving the remaining business (half of current revenues) for free. Regulatory approval of the division sale seems to be the key obstacle as regulators already expressed preliminary skepticism on the transaction. Info from regulators is expected by the end of May / beginning of June.


<a href="https://www.specialsituationinvestments.com/2018/04/general-growth-properties-ggp-merger-arbitrage-7-6-upside/">General Growth Properties (GGP) – Merger Arbitrage – 7.6% upside</a>


Stock and cash merger arbitrage between General Growth Properties and Brookfield Property Partners with 7.5% spread at the time of posting. BPY already owns 34% of GGP and is buying the remaining stake. The spread still stands at 7%.

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