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Exxon Buying XTO


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F---!  Why did I fu----- sell XTO?!


That's what I get for letting macro worries (carry trade reversing) overshadow the fundamental value of a company's stock.


I bet Buffett continues to add more XOM over the next quarter or so.  What a great deal!


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The street doesn't like the fact that it's an all stock deal and that XO is assuming $10 Billion in XTO's debt, but it otherwise sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I have a small position in XOM but will add to it if it continues to sell off a bit more.

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Here's a Bloomberg article on the beginnings of the XTO deal:




It's interesting to see how Exxon is taking an almost Berkshire-like approach to keeping XTO organizationally intact.  And the fact that Bob Simpson went for an all stock deal also seems very much like a Berkshire style acquisition, only Simpson is getting shares in a diversified energy conglomerate rather than an diversified "any great business" conglomerate.


Also interesting to see how Jefferies (major LUK investment) was involved with the deal.  I wonder if they'll win more business because of this deal?  Don't really know much about how the investment banking world works.

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