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My Magnum Opus - Master Reading List / Book Popularity Matrix


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So for a few months now, I've been gathering some information on the favourite books of my favourite people. This started out life as a short note copied and pasted from the internet, detailing Warren Buffett's favourite books.


As I added to it over time, and included the book choices of other people I admire and respect, I realised that I was going to require some sort of grading system to see which books were recommended most frequently and with this I would be able to approach the books in a logical way, beginning with the most valuable and popular titles, while still ensuring that I didn't lose track of the less popular recommendations.


This has now grown into a fairly large database and I thought that the readers on here would probably be able to get some benefit from sharing this within the forum.


I hope you enjoy the list and hope you find it useful.


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Wow, nice work. Thanks for the effort and sharing this. I don't know whether the most recommended books are necessarily the best however. On the other hand, I've read 17 out of the first 20 books.  ;D


On a seperate note, I don't believe how many people still seem to believe 'Think and Grow Rich' is worth their time. It's the predecessor of 'The Secret', which is even worse. The things that aren't bat shit crazy or overly simplistic are simply too redundant to write about. In that regard, not surprised to see Tony Robbins and Mohnish Pabrai believe it is great...

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