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Opinion on Dr. Ed Yardeni Economist


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What does the group think, know, or want to say about Dr. Ed Yardeni Economist?


I heard him for the first time on the Meb Faber free podcast and I was generally impressed.  I wasn't blown over, but he also wasn't a raving charlatan.  He seemed to be a trained and educated economist, but also with some alternative opinion about the FED, tapering and interest rates.


Does anyone follow his blog and have any informed opinion about him?




Here is the link:  https://play.google.com/music/m/Dwtfopfapzx5oiccaifenrcci3e?t=98_-_Ed_Yardeni_-_Weve_Got_Good_Growth_with_Low_Inflation_and_Thats_a_Very_Good_Environment_for_Stoc

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