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Accounts not adding up correctly at TDAmeritrade?


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Hey all:


My family & I had multiple trading accounts at Scottrade for years.


TDAmeritrade bought them out a couple months ago.


The accounts then went to TDAmeritrade.


Some accounts are just fine...no apparent problems.


Some accounts are not tallying the daily changes in value correctly, not even close to correct.


I've called TDAmeritrade's tech support a few times now and they admit there is a known problem with this feature and they are working on it.  I also called today and have been told that high level management has been told of the problem...


This has been going on EVERY day since day 1 of the accounts being moved.


While it is a relatively minor issue, I am starting to wonder if there are other problems...and if they won't/can't fix it, WTF?


Is anybody else noticing this with their accounts?

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In my experience they show the impact of aftermarket and before market prices on balances, which is annoying.


The problem I've got is that in some of my accounts, the daily gain/loss does not make any sense during the trading day.  It frequently says I'm UP even though I may be down...OR it will say I'm up $750 for the day, when in reality I'm only up $200...


I've called them several times now, and they admit/know they've got a problem...but it is beyond their technical expertise to fix.


It makes me nervous that if they can't fix something as easy/simple as this, where/when will they have other problems?

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Do you have some illiquid stocks?


It might be, and Im just guessing based on what Ive noticed over time, if the last trade of a position is significantly outside of the bid/ask spread then it shows your balance based on the bid/ask rather than the last trade.

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