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Does Any Website or Newsletter Track Financial Metrics by Market Sector?


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I was reviewing container shipping today - and I caught that at the end of Dec 2015 and beginning of 2016 they were trading at hugely depressed price to sales ratio. They have been eight baggers since putting in those lows.  This got me to thinking:  does any vendor have a website or newsletter that creates an index for 20 to 50 different market sectors, then tracks their combined financial metrics over time?  The point for those sectors that are cyclical would be to alert investors when an entire sector is trading at a historical low price to sales or to alert investors of potential market tops.  For asset based companies like banks and insurance, you would track valuations against book, tangible book, etc.   


Today, there are not good ways for individual investors to get a comprehensive view of many different market sectors.  You end up having to research individual names in each sector, and that is extremely time consuming for a large number of sectors.


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