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Retail REIT Industry Statistics


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I'm trying to form an expertise in the Retail REIT space, and would like to find free or cheap sources for industry statistics. Can anyone recommend some good ones? The only one I have thus far is the annual retail sales from the U.S. Census Bureau. Other ones I would like include the following, all pertaining to total U.S. Retail RE:


1. Total Square Footage by year

2. Vacancy Rate by year

3. Average Sales per sq foot by year

4. Average Rent per sq foot by year

5. Annual breakdown between A/B/C class malls

6. Annual breakdown of Shopping Center total sqft vs. Regional Mall total sqft


I know I can pay for a Green Street Advisor membership, but as I said would prefer to exhaust free sources first. Some of these figures I see mentioned in places such as GGP investor conference calls, but would be great to have an organized table showing the numbers


TIA for all help

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