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Book of Value - Anurag Sharma


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First investment book I have ever read that spoke about Socrates, Popper, and Graham in a cohesive investing narrative which is the first third of the book.  Maybe a little highbrow for the beginning investor, but I enjoyed the narrative. For the majority on this board, the remainder of the book may be considered review, still, another nice installment from Columbia Publications and a worthy addition to an investor’s shelf.




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I had the good fortune of studying Value investing from him @ U Mass Amherst two years ago. It was a very nice book for a beginner like me, he uses it as text for the course. Some of the highlights:


1) a nice introduction about how to start looking at investments in your circle of competence - chapter on The art of looking

2) A final paper we had to write in semi-checklist format that one could use for life - loosely based on the chapters in the second half of the book

3) Debunking of the modern portfolio theory, in favor of a concentrated portfolio of carefully selected securities




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