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Columbia Prof Roger Murray's 1993 lectures on Value Investing / Bruce Greenwald


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Here is an interesting letter to the editor in today’s issue of Barron's (5/27/17).  Prof Murray retired after 25 years of lecturing at Columbia, preceding Bruce Greenwald, and was a co-author of the fifth edition of Security Analysis.  I was surprised (in a good way!) by the last sentence of the editorial, and think many of you will be as well!


To the Editor:


Leslie P. Norton’s May 13 interview with Bruce Greenwald: (“Bruce Greenwald: Channeling Graham and Dodd) told only part of the story about Greenwald’s introduction to value investing.  There’s more.


After 25 years of lecturing at Columbia University, Prof. Roger Murray retired in 1978.  No new course in value investing was offered.  In 1968, following the release of the fifth edition of Security Analysis (which Murray co-authored), Mario Gabelli sought to memorialize Murray’s teachings.  This resulted in Gabelli & Co.’s sponsoring four  lectures on value investing in January 1993.  Dean Meyer Felderg attended Murray’s second lecture and brought with him a new faculty member, Bruce Greenwald.


We have Murray’s Lectures on DVD. To obtain a set, email murray@gabelli.com and we will gladly send it free of charge.


Douglas R. Jamieson

Gamco Investors

Rye, N. Y.


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