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13F equivalent for Hong Kong market

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Anybody know how to check on reported holdings for investors/funds in HK-listed equities?  In the US you go to EDGAR and pull their forms 13F and 4.  And no, I don't have Bloomberg.


For example, I was reading this blog post: http://treasureinvesting.blogspot.com/2017/03/taking-loss-and-hong-kong-net-nets-sort.html


The author talks about a bunch of stocks owned by David Webb that I haven't seen Mr. Webb discuss on his website (conveniently named "webb-site.com")  There doesn't seem to be any contact info or form on the blog, so I can't ask him how he knows about all these holdings.



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On the Hong Kong Exchange website you can search for shareholding disclosures. Theres' probably a better way but I haven't found it so far. Webb's holdings:




I own Ming Fai. Allan International also looks cheap. Not sure what he sees in the other stocks. The guy is a legend. From wikipedia:


From 1999 to 2008, Webb made public an annual Christmas share tip where he recommended a single undervalued but well-run company. His picks are believed to have strongly influenced the price of selected stocks.[18] However, The Standard[19] criticised Webb after reporting that he himself owned holdings in his own Christmas share tip (which he had always disclosed), in one case giving himself almost a 40% unrealised profit on his holdings the day following publication of the tip. In December 2009, he announced an end to the "Christmas Pick" after a 10-year run in which they returned a cumulative 1118%, compared with an 87% return in the Hang Seng Index over that period.,[20] saying that the success of the picks "has become something of a distraction" to the main goal of raising the standards of Hong Kong's corporate and economic governance.
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