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Adults in the room - Yanis Varoufakis


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The ex-minister of finance from Greece has written a book about his 'adventures' as a politician. Varoufakis describes himself as a completely rational, reasonable outsider who tries to fight for his country (between the lines I get the impression that he's actually quite stubborn and hard to work with). Nevertheless a smart guy thinking outside of the box. The workings of the EU, the IMF and the ECB are a bit depressing. Everybody has different incentives and the end result is that, while individual actors are often quite nice and reasonable, the machinery crushes Greece. Entertaining read, a bit dense at times.


Review from the Guardian: link.


Few interesting points: Varoufakis is harsh about most politicians but quite enthousiast about Macron. He also mentioned his (extremely negative) views of OPAP. Don't discard the book because he's supposedly a left-wing extremist. His economical views are actually quite nuanced.

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