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The Great Game of Business - Jack Stack , Bo Burlingham

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Guest longinvestor

How I came to know about this book/topic? Was thoroughly intrigued as I came across a local company that has adopted the principles and practices recommended in the GGOB. The transparency and candor with which this company shared it's key financials on a large whiteboard piqued my interest and I thought I should read the book. Audible has this title...(getting spoiled by having books read to me, feels like pre-K times!!). Once I started, couldn't stop reading (listening) it. It is written in a no-nonsense, simple narrative.


As the name suggests, business is run as a game would! The authors honed these methods while running an engine repair business at Springfield, MO. Today it is called SRC Holdings.


It's all about the creating an entrepreneurial culture where employees set goals, own and achieve them to deliver bottom line results to the business. There is nothing like ownership interest percolating all the way down the org!


One line by Jack Stack stood out for me; Not a new concept but crisply stated;


There are only two ways to (guarantee) success in business: 1) Be the low cost producer or 2) have products that no one else does 


Today SRC is teaching/consulting with businesses that want to go down this path!



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