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Capital Group, Expect More From the Core, Investment Insights, September 2014

Guest notorious546

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Guest notorious546

i saw this report quoted but haven't been able to find it. Does anyone have access to it or a copy of it?


"Analysis by Capital Group highlighted that a por􀁿 olio comprised of funds in both the lowest-cost quar􀦞 le and highest management

ownership quar􀦞 le o􀁛 en beat their indexes. Speci􀁃 cally, U.S. large-cap funds that have these characteris􀦞 cs outpaced the S&P 500

Index in 100% of rolling 10-year periods! Interna􀦞 onal large-cap funds outpaced the MSCI All Country ex USA Index in 93% of the

10-year periods!"

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