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Does anyone subscribe to Manual of Ideas? Is it worth it?


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I've been a member for 4 years and am very happy with MOI. You'll see plenty of ideas, believe me - more than you can

process. Original - yes. High quality - yes.  If that is what you're looking for - it can be like drinking from the firehose.

Use it as a starting point.


I've always enjoyed the online conferences as well as the monthly publication.


Also the website for premium members offers a wide variety of great interviews and past presentations.


The founders are very accessible and very open to suggestions. They'll put you in touch with great resources/members if that is what you are looking for - it's a great community of value investors.


IF you use it - it's a great resource. I would suggest to you - get them on the phone, lay out your requirements to them,

see if you believe they will deliver.  If you are not happy - MOI is very unlikely to want an unhappy user - and will fix it.

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I do as I have found it to be a great resource as time has progressed vs. other resources which have lost their depth.  As stated above, they are very open to suggestions & have been responsive to my requests & inquiries of others in their network. 



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I've had a standard subscription for a couple years.  The monthly issue is more than I can get through, just like my Economist subscription if I try to read the whole thing... 


The youtube interviews are really fantastic.  And the print interviews are really great too.

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