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Options for FRFHF dinner


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My suggestion - add webcast, even Berkshire is doing it. Add a fee and many people can sign-up for FRFHF/PDH shaeholders dinner. I have a small amount of FRFHF. I don't have the time (young kids) or the few thousand $s of spare cash to spend on the event. I think it is pretty convenient to folks around Toronto though if is it is accessible by a few hours of drive.


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Guest longinvestor

I would pay a modest amount to participate either live via streaming or watch a recording or just read a transcript of the dinner meeting.


The unspoken issue also to me is that the meeting happens during the middle of the week, unlike the Omaha event which at most requires taking the Friday off. I attended three meetings between 2007-12 and it was quite disruptive to my work schedule. I am not a full time investor. My wish to attend went away with my unloading of FRFHF shares after making a tidy gain given that my holding period was 2002-12.


Wishing the FFH holders much success! Great bunch of people.

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