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High Volume


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I didn't look it up but I don't recall seeing this many Fairfax US shares trade hands before. Volume was 47,000 shares today when 2500 or so has been the norm. Off the charts compared to what's been normal. Makes me wonder if someone is still unloading a ton of shares but maybe Fairfax decided to step up and start buying them. Very interesting.

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With a rising share price from a $436 bottom, I think it's more likely someone is buying it up rather than someone selling it down.

But I agree the volume has been very high. Compared to some of their other insurer peers, I do think it is relatively undervalued at ~1.15 BV and the lack of headwind that the hedges represented for the past few years. As an example MKL(which had a far less impressive underwriting quarter) trades at a ~1.4 BV valuation.

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