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Composition of Fairfax Equity Portfolio


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Fairfax reports a portfolio of around $4 billion dollars. It shows Canadian stocks of about $0.7 billion, US stocks of $1.1 billion and other of $2.4 billion.


If I look at Dataroma it has a total value of $1.1 billion and I can see the portfolio composition for that part.


With insurance subsidiaries in many countries the portfolio positions are likely held in different countries and there is probably no single insurance filing that has the composition of the $4 billion portfolio.


Does anyone know if this is specified anywhere other than looking at the insurance filings of each of the subs? Just wanted to get a rough idea of the portfolio composition.





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Vinod, here is a stale discussion of the composition of what Fairfax terms "equity" portfolio which covers a wide range of stuff... 18 months old but perhaps helpful for you.






Thank you very much. Exactly what I am looking for.



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