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Has anyone bought this book by Sham Gad (The Business of Value Investing)?


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I see Shortcovers has it available for download in EPUB:




First Chapter is unlocked --- so you can read it entirely free.  A chapter that looks a little bit interesting is 'Starting an Investment Partnership'.  Just wondering if anyone has read it yet?


Note, if anyone is thinking about downloading this book from Shortcovers -- use the current discount code (Promo20) and you will get 20% off the $27.29 cndn sticker price.  I don't know whether this discount code works for the lower US$$ prices (for those in the States) or not.   Great thing about Shortcovers is you don't need to buy a Kindle to start downloading books.  And it's in EPUB format ... so you can carry/transfer your digital copy using a multiple of compatible devices (up to 6, or maybe even unlimited).  So you can use it not only on an e-reader (warning: the current Kindles are NOT compatible with EPUB) but also on numerous devices such as a PC/Laptop, IPhone, Blackberry, Palm, etc.  About the only compatible ereader out there at the moment is the Sony but there are others on the way (such as the soon to be released Nook from B&N and the rumoured Apple ITablet, etc).  


Shortcovers is a segment within the Indigo/Chapters book chain (I have a good portion of my portfolio invested in Indigo, So does Tim McElvaine).



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Yep, I think is a well put together primer on value investing

Even experienced investors will enjoy...I also recently read

King of Oil which is about Marc Rich. Very interesting read

as Rich pretty much invented the spot market in the oil

trade and was always portrayed as an evil tax evader who

did business with enemies of the US. The book dwelves

into the murky world of international commodities trading.

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