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The Fertile Earth - Viktor Schauberger


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Superb book for those who wish to learn of the fourth dimensional forces shaping our 3D world. Explains what causes cancer and disease in people and plants and why civilizations rise and fall. The book is a collection of essays and articles so is repetitive but necessarily so as to understand the worldview it is different from what we are all taught so it took me awhile to understand. I was looking for ideas for my timber property so now I know to plant more variety of trees and especially to add deciduous trees like maples to shade the evergreens. For health it explains how to avoid dynagens, the reason wifi etc. are so bad and to increase qualigens by walking barefoot on dew at dawn or walking in old growth forests. He briefly mentions how the world could be and hints at how he built two types of antigravitic ships in ww2 and hints clearly how to make the clear alkaline emulsion to add to water or salt water so that with a little vacuum like in an engine you can get an 1800 fold expansion. Interestingly to me his comments reminded me of the chapter on making steel in the Kalevala Finnish epic saga from many thousands of years ago (before the Hungarians left Finland) using birch ashes to make lye. Now what would I add the lye to to make the emulsion? Dead Sea salts? Seawater from volcanic vents? The book gives you a frame of reference so you can open up a vast new set of possibilities. Anyone trying to solve water scarcity problems should read this book as what to do becomes obvious- stop cutting down the trees which give shade to other evergreens. In other words logging should be done to preserve the shade for other evergreens, which is the reverse of modern logging practices built on the false assumption that evergreens want more light. They don't and doing so robs the environment of the qualigens which causes the groundwater level to drop and eventually causes forests to convert to grasslands then deserts. To reverse the problem you have to create oases of trees and eventually evergreens probably starting in mountain valleys where it is cool and shady enough then expand them and use the qualigens rich alkaline emulsions as a type of fertilizer to artificially speed the process. I hope to try this technique on my timber property where nature already has the restoration work half done over the past 25 years that I have owned the property.

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