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BYD profit rises 384%


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BRK has a roughly 8% stake in BYD. New reports make it 225 million shares, but not sure of the exact figure or where to find it.


First-half showed 2.3bn CNY in profits ($344 mn USD) - up 384%. Chinese government incentives for low-emissions cars have seen major growth in EV sales, though other entrants are also being attracted to the market.


I realise that BYD was not included in my look-through earnings/holdings Google Sheet (see recent thread). I've tried adding it to one version only so far, and it seems to update current stock price and financials like EPS.


If anyone can point to the exact holding in BYD I'd appreciate it (or where to look it up - it was originally bought through MidAmerican Energy when Sokol was still in charge, which since renamed to BH Energy, but looking through various filings, I haven't found it yet)

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