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looking for article on empowering local managers


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i realize this is kind of random, but the collective knowledge here never fails to amaze me so here we go...


I am looking for an article that i read a few years ago.  2013 if i had to guess.  i am 95% sure it was a bloomberg article.


the article was about a company whose name i can't remember.  the company was a retailer - i think some sort of like fast food or sandwich shop chain.  at one point they were close to bankruptcy, but then a new owner came in and overhauled the way individual locations operated.  the big change was that the manager of each location was given a piece of the equity.  all of a sudden, stores were super clean all the time and running at peak efficiency.  it was a huge success.


i think this chain was based in boston, but i'm not sure.


if this rings a bell for anyone, please post a link to the article if you have it, or the name of the company and i will try to find the article.


apologies for the random post, but thanks in advance for the help!

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