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La Niña and solar cycle effects showing up in US insurance loss stats


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The losses in US due to adverse weather not good this year, La Niña looks to be strong and started recently and the last two la Nina also caused higher losses but were moderate.





(Based on perils)




Source: © 2016 Munich Re, NatCatSERVICE; Property Claim Services (PCS)*, a Verisk Analytics business. As of March 2016.




Notice the losses this solar cycle since 2008 solar minimum are much higher so may be more important than La Niña as we are entering the 300 year Maunder Minimum type cycles. Time to start boosting rates! Note convective is only certain losses so expect earthquakes and volcanism to also worsen.



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Ft. McMurray's wildfire could be tied to El Nino. Not sure what La Nina could do.



Total worldwide economic losses for first half of 2016 at US$70 billion, up US$11 billion from 2015 half-year totals: Munich Re

July 12, 2016  by Canadian Underwriter




“The main losses drivers were powerful earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, storms in Europe and the U.S., and forest fires in Canada,” Munich Re said in a press release.


Toronto-based Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc. (CatIQ) has estimated insured losses from the Fort McMurray wildfire at $3.58 billion, while Property Claim Services estimated last month the fire would cost the Canadian insurance industry about $4.6 billion.





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