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The Habit of Labor - Stef Wertheimer (ISCAR)


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Book written by the founder of ISCAR, which was bought by Berkshire a few years ago. The book was recommended by Buffett at the AGM, I think.


There's a writeup about it by RationalWalk here:




Book available here:




I haven't read it yet, but I think it could interest many here, and that starting a thread so that people who have had a chance to read it can share their thoughts is a good idea.

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Just starting this right now. "Sefs most remarkable skill his ability to transform former foes into allies."


"In 1952 - less than five years after the Israeli war of Independence ended - he began to include Arabs and those from other minority sectors within his workforce. The enormous success of the precision cutting tools firm that he build, ISCAR, is die in part in his insistence on using the talents of all sectors of his country."


"On discusses his concept for a new initiative for the Middle East that is akin to the Marshal Plan."




This book gets a bit political....how could it not?



"It was just a few years ago that people thought it possible to divide the world between those who think and those who manufacture. Factories in the West shut down, and manufacturing moved to countries such as

China and India. Only recently have we  come to realize what a mistake that was."




" I write this book because i have not realized some of my dreams"




of course cherry picked quotes.

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