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Re: European infrastructure thaw

Guest MarkS

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Guest MarkS

I have a position in AGO. As I was going through the transcribed conference call I notice this comment by the President/CEO:


In Europe, we believe the infrastructure market is beginning to reemerge from the great recession. During the first quarter, we recorded $7 million of PVP from a transaction that did not increase our par outstanding, because it was a restructuring of an existing exposure. We are optimistic about the pipeline of infrastructure transactions we could close in 2016; however, the international business typically comprises a small number of high-value transactions that have longer development periods, and multiple counterparties, so the timing of closing transactions is often uncertain. In global markets, including the United States, new standards for bank and insurance companies' capital requirements are generating potential opportunities for us. For example, through our structured finance team, we can provide financial guaranty solutions that assist banks and insurance companies in meeting capital requirements under Basel 3 and Solvency II respectively.


Does anyone have thoughts on who will benefit the most from any thaw?

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