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Job Opportunity, Value Fund

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Emailed Sanjeev to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules by posting this, but if this is the wrong category please let me know.


I created a new account to remain anonymous but several of our team members have been active on this board in the past and hold it in high esteem. In particular some of our younger members used the board as a resource as they were first learning how to invest and so we figured it would be a good location to track down similar candidates.


Company Description

The firm is Chicago-based operating a long-biased, equity hedge fund committed to long-term capital growth and preservation. The Fund has a long-term time horizon, invests globally and is value oriented. The fund has a “go anywhere” mandate that is agnostic to geography, sector and benchmark. The firm maintains a reasonably concentrated portfolio of well researched investments on both the long and short side.  We use fundamental analysis to invest in mispriced and overlooked companies.


Job description

We are looking for an Analyst to join our small and tight knit investment team. The Analyst will work directly with the Portfolio Manager to perform both quantitative and qualitative due diligence.  This will include financial modeling, “investigative journalism” and industry analysis.  Ideal candidate would be more junior, but open to various experience levels.  A strong passion and interest in learning the craft of value investing is a requirement.


Please email cover letter and resume to:    internationalequityanalyst@gmail.com


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