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PTJ's analog model

Graham Osborn

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Has anyone tried lining up the last 10-20 years with a previous Elliot Wave?  I have a massive short position on levered equities right now so I am obviously very interested in market-timing (if you don't believe in market-timing - Jurgis - you may save yourself a few hours and brain cells by now posting here ;)).  I was just watching Trader and PTJ lined up the 80s with the 20s and managed to predict the gap down to within about 6 months.  I think any technician wouldn't need rocket science to say that based on the past 2 bear markets we have a potential to erode multiyear support levels this year, but I'm looking for the widowmaker - a 5-10% preferably gap down day in the S&P.  I was just curious if anyone had the tools to line up where we are with the 70s (those three waves look like they might line up) and try to nail down a date.  We all know it'll be wrong, but what the hell.  I don't have any easy way to do this in Ycharts.

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