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Looking for Pabrai recommendation


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In the book "Trade Like Warren Buffett", James Altucher interviews Pabrai and Pabrai gives this answer to one question:

"That’s some of the history, but when the fund started, the focus— and, in fact, even my understanding of the Buffett workouts in special situations—wasn’t that great. I think I’d read about it, but I never really grasped onto the power of the model. I think in the fall of 2000, I visited one of the authors, Timothy Rick. I had read his book and noticed he was in Munster, Indiana, which is pretty close, and I just emailed him and said, “If you’d like to get together for lunch someday. . .”


The book is full of misspellings and no search comes up with an investing book by an author named "Timothy Rick". I assume it is misspelled. Does anyone know what's being referenced here?

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