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Sprott Physical Trusts


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Not sure if anyone here is invested in any of the Sprott Physical Trusts (Gold, Silver, Palladium) or any of the Sprott vehicles but they seem like some of the worst fiduciaries around. I'm invested in another physical gold trust that has better safeguards with lower fees and Sprott has led a prolonged tender offer to take control and grab the fee. The trust I'm in which has $1B under management has spent ~$2M on legal fees defending against it. All people really want is safe gold and low fees so there's no rational reason why Sprott would be a better manager. It's basically just a fee grab by Sprott. Sprott has been rejected 4 or 5 times and keeps extending the deadline, presumably on their investors dime. 


More of a rant really, but thanks for listening ;). Definitely wouldn't recommend investing with these guys.

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