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New fund: Former Bestinver Asset Management team


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Hi everyone,


For my first post I think it will interesting to follow what is going on with the new fund of former Bestinver team. They have interesting track record...


"Francisco Garcia Parames, the Spanish fund manager who’s earned 16 percent annual returns over the past two decades, is leaving Bestinver Asset Management to start a new venture, according to a person with knowledge of his plans."



"What is the “Warren Buffett of Europe” Up To?"



"AzValor Asset Management SGIIC will be registered with the Spanish regulator this week and will include a mutual fund focused on Spanish and Portuguese equities and another for international equities, Parages, chief executive officer and head of client relations, said in an interview Wednesday in Madrid."


"Parages said he would like to be joined by former Bestinver managers Francisco Garcia Parames and Alvaro Guzman once the two men comply with the terms of resignation agreements that bar them from working for a Bestinver competitor."



Thanks for your contribution!

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I read about this a week or two back. Also, I think I remember that these guys bought into Fiat, Exor or both back when almost no-one had yet understood their value.


My guess is it'll probably be worth keeping an eye on what they own, for the odd idea here or there if nothing else.

Welcome to the board.




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