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Daniel Yergin: The Power Revolutions


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Interesting read. I think highly of Yergin based on his book, although I'm skeptical of his argument that solar adoption will be slow b/c coal, oil, natural gas and fracking have been slow to be adopted. The components of a solar system are largely manufactured and that changes their economics (I could be wrong here -- my knowledge of the resource requirements is iffy at best).


Yergen could very well be right, but it's hard to say how quickly the cost curve could decline when serious R&D budgets are devoted to a large-scale implementation of solar power (especially when there are a very large and possibly economically irrational players devoted to its development (China, Elon Musk) as mentioned in the article). This was true was true with fracking as well but I think your dealing with different types of economies of scale and R&D in solar

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