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Operating model and capabilities - Outsider firms


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Hello everyone


I am doing research on leadership teams that are also great at capital allocation - i.e. The Outsiders story. One question I've been grappling with is what the operating model across the group of businesses (so HQ vis-a-vis operating businesses) typically looks like for these kinds of firms and, secondly, what types of capabilities the HQ actually had/built. On the latter, I would presume that the core competency has been more around evaluation of the investment opportunities to bolt onto (or enter by) the Group and much less financial reporting, HR, management, etc. since that part of the business is not really operational for these kinds of firms as they often appeared to have been very decentralised, judging by the book. I suppose Buffet also points the way in that a strong tax team is required, at least in the US.


I was wondering if members here can point me towards information on this (as well as, of course, any other examples of such firms or write-ups about their approach)?


Thank you - C.

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