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Hi all, My Wife's mom just sold her house.  In the process it worked out that she has very high 6 digits of net worth, with pension, OAS, dividends providing her with more income then she needs to live. 


She is 82, in reasonable health.  We are trying to determine how to best disperse a portion of the money to her 4 kids, and 5 Gc.  Our concern is that if she goes into long term care at some point all of the assets will end up in the hands of the long term care system. 


This is in Ontario.  Does anyone have experience with this?


Can anyone recommend a good estate specialist who works for fee only in the GTA?  I know a run of the mill financial advisor will do this but we are not keen on the sales pitch - we need some honest tax/estate advice. 


An aside - my Wife's grandfather worked at Imperial Oil, and gave his daughter some shares in the 70s that have grown from 100 + shares to 5049 shares paying dividends along the way. 


If one of you out there is a board member who does this kind of work locally that would also be awesome. 

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