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Learning to Dance, Corporate Style - Frank Olsson

Guest JoelS

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Guest JoelS

This is a short book from my friend Frank Olsson. The theme of the book is 'how to humanize business and get more out of life'. Frank has managed large organizations and is a prolific reader; he draws on his experiences in the corporate world and decades of reading to put this book together. He makes it enjoyable by referencing people like Lee Kuan Yew, Tolstoy and various other sources he has taken ideas from.


The book is organised into short topics where Frank tackles issues from staff ownership/profit sharing to lighter subjects like the role of music and dance in life and business. The message is, as he puts it, is to "make life a dance rather than a slog".


I have no incentive to write this other than I like Frank and I enjoyed his book.

If you are interested, I am sure Frank wouldn't mind sending you the first three chapters of his book.


His email is frank@olsson.co.nz

here is some further background on Frank http://www.lukey.co.nz/people/frankolsson.html





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