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Ham Hockers

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I recently detailed my interesting experience of realizing my Magic card collection was worth significant money, and proceeded to sell it. 


I shared the story here --> http://boards.fool.com/way-ot-magic-mtg-card-prices-31643551.aspx?sort=whole#31672922 for those who may be interested.


It's quite a lesson in markets, and the popularity of something that I would have thought would be really obscure.  Pretty cool.



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Awesome post, thanks for sharing that. Love the guy flipping over the Black Lotus! Back when I started to earn some money I thought it would be an awesome idea to use my first savings to buy a power 9 set. Obviously I never pulled the trigger .. I still have a couple of duals and some other nice cards though.


As a matter of fact, I played a couple of Magic games a few weeks ago after a 10+ year break. Spoiler: the game is still great. Already I am suckered into 'investing' in a couple of new cards. The funny thing is that quite a lot of people play it but you never know - admitting that you play it is apparently just as uncool as it was in high school :) .

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Because you emphasize that these women were 'normal' I immediately believe that you played Magic :) . If you're still interested in the game you should check out some of these videos: link. Vintage is the most powerful format and these decks are just insane (and $10k to $20k a piece).

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