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Source for hedge fund performance data?


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Does anyone know of a service where I get hedge fund performance data? My strategy is to get ideas from 13Fs and then do my own research, but my 13F list is skewed too heavily toward the big guys that get all the press (Ackman, Loeb, Einhorn, etc). I'd like to add the best value investors who have $100m to $1b AUM. Ideally I'd like to be able to screen based on performance, drawdown, longevity, turnover, etc to find good ones I didn't know about, but even if not, at least the ability to look up specific investors to see their performance and what they did to achieve it. I hear good things about certain smaller funds (Greenhaven, Alluvial, Denali, etc.) but usually their sites don't have performance info and a google search turns up little or nothing. I used to use alphaclone but it looks like they stopped selling data. Willing to pay for it if it's not too expensive. Any ideas would be very much appreciated :)

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i have a crude excel sheet with ackman, einhorn, loeb, denali, etc pefformance and many others going back a number of years...usually since inception of the pertinent fund.  PM me if you're interested

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