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Any credit cards that offer 6-18 months deferrals for businesses?


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There were discussions in the past on the board of credit cards that allow you to defer payment for 6-18 months @ 0% interest.  I found them to be extremely helpful because it allows me to defer payment until year end which allows me to put an additional $5-20k to work in the market.  It also solves my monthly cash management issues as I no longer to keep move cash around (this is probably the bigger benefit).  Please let me know if anyone is aware of any good deals with a large limit and a long duration. 

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This is a pretty good website for credit card offers:  http://www.nerdwallet.com/zero-percent-credit-cards

Chase Slate currently offers 0% for 15 months.  It is also the only card that has a 0% balance transfer fee (typically ~2-3% for all other cards).  Citi Diamond Preferred and Simplicity are offering 18 month promo; the offers gets bumped to 21 months every few months, so that might be another offer worth scouting.  Both Chase and Citi will grant someone with good credit score a $15-20k line.


Note:  All these are consumer credit cards and not business credit cards.  I wasn't sure which one you were looking for.

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