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UFC fan?


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A bunch of value investors want to watch Bones and Cormier smash each other? What's the world come to?


A fan of MMA here, been following the sport from the early style versus style tournaments to its present form.  It's amazing how quickly the sport has evolved and answered so many of the age old questions of "who's really gonna win a fight among elite fighters."  Have never bought a PPV. I guess that's me, hard for me to shell out $50-60 for a PPV.  I tend to watch "free fights" on youtube. 


A bunch of the guys fighting, Chris Weidman (my best friend beat him back in HS wrestling), Eddie Gordon (wrestled in my weight class), Matt Serra (hometown), grow up in the Long Island area.  Most of the guys from my HS wrestling team at one point or another had tried a fight or two in the lower circuits.  There's a pretty hilarious interview with Chris Weidman about how his older brother used to physically abuse him.  I mean some of the crap that Charlie Weidman did was pretty crazy.  During the county tournament my junior of HS, I was in Charlie Weidman's weight class. Charlie was walking around with a dog bone in his mouth. 



Starts at 9:20 or so. 

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