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Ideas for 2015


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Starting the thread on best ideas for 2015:


BH    - catalyst, activists replace the board. Alternatively, BIG buys back shares to get more control or both. One or both positive outcomes for the stock.

LUK  - cheap and below book

ALLY - still below book



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IRG - Think they'll finally turn a profit and be appropriately valued at 1 times sales, which is comparable to other restaurants.  Joe's Crab Shack is already worth more than the market cap alone. 


QIWI - Return on capital is well over 100% and they have the largest network of payments in Russia.  It's just too cheap!  Plus, you have a very smart Billionaire backing it.


RAVN - They're going through a restructuring that'll hopefully bare some fruits.  Think Ag production will eventually pick up since people will eat more in the coming years.


It's been a brutal 2014 for these stocks.

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