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Howard Marks on the lessons of oil


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When you guys say following do you mean with a reader or something?  Just asking cause I tried to do that once and couldn't figure out how.


Well, I do use an RSS reader to read a lot of stuff (the Feedly iPad app is great, especially in combination with Paper). However, in the case of CoB&F, I just check the web site every now and then, and click on the discussion threads that are of interest to me. A new posting to "OAK" is something I wouldn't have clicked on but anything with "oil" in the title has my full attention. :-)


Concerning the letter, it contains a lot of opinions that I agree with regarding the unpredictability of markets, the difficulty of identifying risks let alone quantifying them, and the opportunities that arise when things seem to start getting out of hand. Maybe I will start following the OAK thread.

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