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TSX Venture


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My prediction: eventually it will go a lot lower and they will rename it.


The TSX Venture (formerly the Vancouver Stock Exchange) is full of scum.  I'd be shocked if it did well over a long period of time.


The "TSX Monte Carlo" has a nice ring.

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I'm not as pessimistic as GlennChan, I think it will rebound, there are always suckers around ready to stick money into false promises of riches :p


I've only ever bought one stock on it, and it was a winner. Maybe I got lucky, but there are probably some diamonds in there among the chaff.

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It will probably rebound at some point, but it could go a lot lower as well before that happens.


TSX Venture shares some similarities with the AIM All Share Index in the UK: both are markets with limited regulations and a lot of crap for stupid retail investors. Doesn't have a pretty track record.

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