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I'm looking to start a group of like-minded Value Investors who can leverage the Research and Expertise of each individual.  Ideally there would be representation across many different industry backgrounds and industry "experts" could offer feedback to others investing in their respective industries.                                                                         


My vision for the group includes:


1.  Each group member tagging and posting their notes on each company they've researched into an easily searchable system, so they can be shared with others; I just recently started using Evernote for this purpose and find it works remarkably well.  When I read regulatory filings and transcripts of Earnings calls on companies I'm researching, I make thorough notes that I then tag according to their industry & category (eg. Competitive Advantage), so I can search them at a later date or use them to make investment reports or theses.  Evernote has the ability to share your notebooks with others, allowing you to leverage a network effect of multiple users.


2.  Have group members assigned as "Experts" in industries where they have unique / better than average insight.  These so called "Experts" can then be called upon by other group members when they are researching a company that is not in their industry of expertise.


If this is something you may be interested, please send me a reply or drop me a line at kevinpwilde@hotmail.com.





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