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Bankers Town - Joel Hames


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[amazonsearch]Bankers Town[/amazonsearch]


This is a financial thriller (fiction) written by an ex-English banker and, I believe, first time author.  I found it surprisingly good and enjoyable.  The book is generally well written.  There are two primary time lines in the story (the main character's present and his past - how he got to where he is today) and I did find it a little awkward at first the way the author weaves the two together, but either I got used to it or he got better at it as the book goes on.  People who want to get a feel for what it's like inside an investment bank and in the securitization market, and just anyone who enjoys a good novel, might find this of interest.

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comparable to the shipping man?


I liked it better than the Shipping Man.  Some similarities I guess.  The difference I think is that the Shipping Man had a bit of the absurd to it - almost an attempt at writing in a Catch 22 like manner (taking things to extremes, etc) - while I don't believe Bankers Town had that aspect to it.  If you've ever read anything by Stephen Frey, Michael Ridpath, Norb Vonnegut, Ken Morris, etc it's along those lines.

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