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Value Investing in Asia


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We sent out an email yesterday with a bunch of resources related to value investing in Asia.  Many boardmembers probably saw that email, but here it is just in case:



1. KB Kee's 86-page presentation entitled "Wide-Moat Investing in the Asian Capital Jungle," presented at the Value Investing Seminar 2014 in Trani, Italy.  Inside, KB Kee shows how to uncover long-term compounding machines as well as steer clear of accounting fraud in Asia.  See http://bit.ly/1xnYytu


2. Exclusive one-hour conversation with KB Kee on wide-moat investing and accounting fraud in Asia: http://bit.ly/YcIo6W


3. Sample of The Moat Report Asia, featuring home improvement retailer Home Product Center: http://bit.ly/1qhbbhg  Another sample issue: http://www.moatreport.com/sample


4. Famed value investor Tom Russo on why investors should not "China-cleanse" their portfolios: http://bit.ly/1pujFBr


5. Chan Lee and Albert Yong on Nexen Tire and the investment opportunity in Korean preferreds: http://bit.ly/1Dzmcok


6. Selected exclusive insights into Asian investing by leading Asia-focused investment managers: http://bit.ly/1rfO2Ca


7. Exclusive conversation on value investing in Asia with Hong Kong-based Guillaume Kaminer: http://bit.ly/1BcojKQ


8. John Burbank on China: http://bit.ly/1u19MCt


9. Exclusive interview with fund manager Peter Kennan on deep value investing and activism in Asia: http://bit.ly/1rwfIlA


10. Professor Guy Weyns of Singapore Management University on systematizing fundamental analysis:



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