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Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems


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Mr. Cohen has done it again!

His new work “Popular Problems” is filled with great poetry and music.

A true artist still at the top of his game.

Highly recommended!


I’m slowing down the tune

I never liked it fast

You want to get there soon

I want to get there last


So baby let me go

You’re wanted back in town

In case they want to know

I’m just trying to slow it down





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Thanks, I love Cohen. Had no idea he was working on anything new so quickly after Old Ideas.


My fave is probably still The Future from 1992, but I often listen to the Live in London double live album from a few years ago and a many of his other albums.


Cheers Gio  :)

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Got the album. Listening for first time. Can't comment on quality yet, as these types of albums need to grow on me for a while before I'm sure how much I like them.. But it's funny how on some tracks he's starting to sound more like Tom Waits while on others ("My Oh My" for example) he sounds just like he's sounded for a couple decades..

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