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Seeing What Others Don't - Gary Klein


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[amazonsearch]Seeing What Others Don't - The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights[/amazonsearch]


In 2005 I learned about a movement called “positive psychology”, which was started by Martin Seligman, a psychotherapist who concluded that his profession was out of balance. Therapists tried to make disturbed and tormented people less miserable. However, eliminating their misery just left them at zero. What about the positive side of the experience? Seligman was looking for ways to add meaning and pleasure to the lives of his clients.

I felt that the concept of positive psychology applied to decision making as well. Decision researchers were trying to reduce errors, which is important, but we also needed to help people gain expertise and make insightful decisions.

Ideally, reducing mistakes would at least help us gain insights, but I don’t believe that’s how it works. I suspect the relation runs the other way. When we put too much energy into eliminating mistakes, we’re less likely to gain insights. Having insights is a different matter from preventing mistakes.

--Gary Klein



Highly recommended!





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