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Rock Breaks Scissors - William Poundstone


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[amazonsearch]Rock Breaks Scissors: A Practical Guide to Outguessing and Outwitting Almost Everybody[/amazonsearch]


Especially for Fortune's Formula fans.


I browsed this at the bookstore, focusing mainly on the last chapter, which dealt with the stock market.  Basic but decent discussion of Schiller's PE, with a sensible strategy of employing it for index fund investors.  I wonder how many such average investors will employ it, let alone stick to index investing.  Not much here for value investing aficionados, other than maybe adding a plank or two to your latticework of mental models.  Might be useful in other areas of life.


Haven't decided yet to buy it.  I'll probably borrow it from the library.


In the spirit of this book, any wagers on whether Munger will tout this book at the upcoming Daily Journal meeting, or next year's BRK annual?



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