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Good Way to Screen for Companies with Shareholder's Equity<Market Cap?

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I would just read every idea posted here and on VIC. This will probably amount to about 500 idea's if you begin half way 2013.  Someone else already did the legwork, and you can more efficiently learn about industries and potential interesting companies.


I tried screening myself, but it is horribly innefficient. You will find very little actionable idea's. And learn a lot less in the progress.


For example Extendicare is a very interesting special situation. Does not show up in any screener. You would only find out about this one if you understand the nursing/reit business, and then looked in detail in all of them. And if you read conference calls where they said they will turn their underperforming US business into a REIT and sell operating side. And then you would have to find out how much AFFO other reits make.


So here is a situation with about 100-150% upside with a near term catalyst and a dividend. But there is no way you would actually find this one randomly screening for companies. But if you read a bunch of write ups on Nursing companies on VIC and some AR"s you would be a lot more competent in this industry and quickly find bargains. Now when I see a LTC company like this, I look at right away how much beds they have, where they have them, their quality rating, skilled nursing %,  margins etc.


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