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Seeking analysts and managers to pilot a new product

Guest brooklynvestor

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Guest brooklynvestor

Hello all,

Early this year I tested a product prototype with some Corner members. The product allows inline commenting on company financial statements. Analysts and managers add their insights on individual numbers in statements (such as a recently filed income statement) and share these notes with colleagues. This allows a discussion that is directly tied to the financials rather than strewn across an email chain. The tool can help in developing an investment thesis or keeping notes on a portfolio company from quarter to quarter.


I reviewed the prototype with eight participants and the response was positive. The core commenting feature was seen as unique and valuable.


I'm now looking for mutual fund and hedge fund firms that would be interested in participating in a pilot of the product, called CompanyVine. I have a simple demo video and information sheet. If you are interested, please contact me at kelsey@gimpellabs.com

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