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Tim Geithner interview on Daily Show


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This is an excellent conversation, and I think most of you will find it well worth the 40 mins. I'd be very interested in hearing people's thoughts on it because its a conversation I've had many times in the past with both financially literate people and...well let's just say, others less so, and it often reaches the same impasse that that these two did by the end.


I could stop there, but since its the internet, I can't resist adding my own thoughts. Stewart brings up some interesting points, but I ended up almost completely agreeing with Geithner here. And the almost is more a function of my lack of understanding of the intricacies of the financial system (esp. in terms of authority of Treasury) that Geithner briefly mentioned rather than any real disagreements. Daily Show is one of my favorite shows and I believe Stewart is an incredibly smart guy, but I often find that his understanding of topics related to economics and finance is overly simplified and too black and white - not that I'm an expert by any means.


Anyway, makes me really want to read the book. Has anyone yet? I actually haven't read a book on the financial crisis and would appreciate people's recommendation on the best one iyo. Too Big to Fail? The Big Short? Those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head.

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